Low Budget Loft House, 2013
Konrad Frey
Film: Daniel Hermes, 2021
Photos: Martin Grabner, 2021


Konrad Frey created a prototype in Hart near Graz for the development of a low-cost prefabricated house with ‘loft quality’. With a design focused on use, the house is economical, energy-efficient and is based on commercially available, standardised materials. It offers a wide range of potential uses that are not defined in advance. It can be adapted at little expense to meet individual requirements. ‘Apps’, i.e. optional additions, are available to extend the basic model. So far, a porch, a canopy roof and a conservatory have been realised, for example.

Daniel Hermes examines the house through film, while Martin Grabner has engaged in a photographic exploration. The camera follows Konrad Frey on a guided tour, focusing on the spatial and material qualities of the Low Budget Loft Haus, while also showing its private and everyday use. Grabner focuses on its details and translates the architecture of the house into the architecture of the photographic image.