move2zero, 2019–2023
Holding Graz, Grazer Energieagentur


Beyond purely technological research, move2zero is developing a holistic concept for the complete decarbonisation of the urban bus system in Graz. Technologies are employed in the areas of energy storage, vehicles and infrastructure. There will also be a focus on reusability and recyclability as well as the needs of the users. On the technological level, seven battery electric buses and seven fuel cell buses will be tested as a demonstration run in the first phase and the entire life cycle of vehicles and infrastructure will be analysed. On the systemic level, the potential for supplementing the scheduled line services with on-demand services is under consid-eration. For this purpose, an emission-free shuttle running between Graz Airport and selected stops is being tested. With an optimised mix of technologies and services, this multidisciplinary research is mapping a path towards emission-free and demand-oriented urban mobility.

Project partners: ARTI – Autonomous Robot Technology, Energie Graz, Energie Steiermark, Hoerbiger Wien, HyCentA, Invenium Data Insights, Planungsgruppe Gestering Knipping Schone, Graz University of Technology, Technoma, Umweltbundesamt, University of Graz,
Upstream – next level mobility
Funded by: Klima- und Energiefonds – zero emission mobility, Regionalmanagement Steirischer Zentralraum
Foto © Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma