Deconstructed furniture, objects for reading, working and talking, 2021, 2021
Erika Thümmel and the Caritas workshops


This deconstructed furniture was designed by artist, restorer and exhibition designer Erika Thümmel. She is also co-author of the feminist magazine Eva und Co., which can be found in this room. Positioned in the exhibition and discourse area of Space04, the furniture encourages visitors to pause for a moment. Like the overall design of the exhibition, it is dedicated to the theme of recycling and cooperation. As adaptations and new symbioses, these pieces are evolved from the design elements first developed for Caritas in the new Carla & Paul main store in Graz. Since then, they have become a signature style feature of the CARLA shops. Created in the Caritas workshops, they merge together different items of furniture while also weaving together various periods and cultures. This welcoming furniture is a symbol of broad inclusion, sustainable individuality and the innovative aid organisation Caritas.

With thanks to Peter Wagner and the Caritas organisation of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau.