LEFTSHIFT ONE Software GmbH, from 2017


Leftshift One is a Graz-based high-tech company for artificial intelligence (AI) and hyperautomation. The AI specialists provide the Artificial Intelligence Operating System ‘AIOS’ – Europe’s first independent operating system for AI. AIOS combines a continuously growing toolbox of ready-to-use AI plug-ins with robotic process automation and business process management (BPMN2 Workflow Engine) to create hyperautomation. This allows customers to inde-pendently and rapidly implement AI solutions of any complexity, in areas such as personnel recruiting. Leftshift One follows EU ethical guidelines and always uses AI in symbiosis with humans. Humans retain the decision-making power and gain free resources for valuable tasks. Through autonomous hosting and multiple encryption, the operating system guarantees full data sovereignty for customers. Technologies such as Edge AI also ensure ecological use and promote environmental responsibility.