BauKarussell, from 2016
pulswerk GmbH, Romm ZT, RepaNet


The steel trusses that fit so well into the architecture of the Kunsthaus have had a previous life. For decades they supported the roof of a commercial depot on the site of an emerging Viennese urban develop-ment area called ‘VILLAGE IM DRITTEN’. Following recycling-based deconstruction carried out on the site by BauKarussell for ARE Austrian Real Estate, the trusses were given a second life. Their reuse conserves resources and saves CO2. Buildings can be seen as ‘urban mines’ – appropriate planning allows the existing resource potential to be increased. The concept of ‘Social Urban Mining’ was developed by BauKarussell with the aim of promoting a circular economy construc-tion sector with added social value. BauKarussell follows the practice of dismantling in cooperation with social economy partner companies.

Partners: Caritas SÖB, Demontage- und Recycling-Zentrum DRZ, Die KÜMMEREI, FAB, ISSBA, Schindel und Holz, TEAMwork, Volkshilfe OÖ