Graz 2030 cycling campaign, seit 2020
Artgineering Office for Urbanism and Architecture


The bicycle plays a key role in urban mobility of the future. Often neglected in the car-friendly city of recent decades, a group of bicycle activists in Graz provided a significant impetus to bicycle mobility in 1980. They marked – illegally – the first cycle path in Graz and so gave the city councillor for planning at that time, Erich Edegger, the opportunity to introduce an exemplary new traffic policy. Today, there is again a response to the local desire for a systematic realisation of the often mentioned ‘cycling capital Graz’. In 2018/19, the Province of Styria cycling network study was conducted. Now, under the planning direction of bicycle mobility and public space experts Artgineering and in collaboration with transport planning offices in Graz, the findings of this study are being transferred and implemented into a well-designed, consistent and high-quality bicycle network for Graz and the core conurbation area.

Project partners: Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz, BHM-Ingenieure, IKK Engineering, Kuspa & Morianz, planum Fallast, Tischler & Partner, verkehr plus, ZIS-P Sammer + Partner