GrazLog, from 2021
City of Graz, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


Every day, hundreds of delivery vans and lorries drive and park in the pedestrian zones of Graz, so that they no longer feel like pedestrian zones at all. The GrazLog pilot project is developing cooperative logistics on the ‘last mile’ for environmentally friendly and service-oriented inner-city goods transport. Parcels from various delivery services are transferred to cargo bikes and e-vans in a logistics hub. They are then collectively delivered to residents, offices and shops in the city centre. The GrazLog delivery service can be given returns and packaging material, delivery windows can be arranged and city-centre businesses can make use of delivery and collection. Examples from other cities show that 40 % of vehicle entry into the pedestrian zone can be avoided in this way, meaning that the city centre remains attractive as a living environment and location for small businesses.

Project partners: Institute of Logistics Engineering/Graz University of Technology, Prime Software GmbH, Klade Transporte GmbH
Funding body: bmvit