MAKAvA delighted, from 2001
MAKAvA delighted GmbH


MAKAvA has been making iced tea for two decades now – and is a model example of what product development can mean. The recipe and logo were fine-tuned over ten years, and the ‘small but perfectly formed’ company (as they describe themselves) still aims to improve in areas that are not immediately seen or tasted: organic ingredients, regional bottling and marketing, fair trade, a 30-hour week, growth and climate neutrality – all this in a relaxed working atmosphere. ‘For a fair and chilled world’ is not just a slogan here, but a reality – as demonstrated by many awards, labels and a ‘common good balance sheet’*, the next one due this year. It started with the idea for better iced tea, in the meantime the drink supports the idea. Its vessel is the distinctive bottle. With the packaging theme, which is the next step for MAKAvA, it will also become the content. The story continues to grow.

With thanks to Agnes Fogt.