Mitigation of Shock, 2017–2019
(Project team: Jon Ardern, Anab Jain, Maël Héna", Mikhaela Dietch, Jon Flint, Vytautas Jankauskas, Jake Charles Rees, Alix McCabe, Danielle Knight, Nicola Ferrao, Matthew Edgson)


The installation Mitigation of Shock by artist, designer and scientist collective Superflux shows a possible scenario played out in an apartment in about 30 years’ time. In almost familiar surroundings, within a tiny space, nutrient-rich food is being grown here using energy-saving do-it-yourself biotechnology. Animals hunted in the city are cooked, self-made window barricades and long-serving radios protect against threatening weather and marauding urban hunters. Despite the terrifying consequences of the climate crisis, Superflux – known for their visions of the future based on in-depth research and actual projections – paint a picture of hope. As an open collective, they work on future solutions for art and architecture institutions, and also for companies such as Microsoft Research and Sony.

With thanks to Klaus Schrefler (plant cultivation), Botanic Matters GmbH, Eva-Maria Ecker-Eckhofen and Caritas / Diocese of Graz Seckau (furniture).