FIELD STATION (with research table), 2020–2021
Anita Fuchs


Anita Fuchs has rented a meadow on the border between Austria and Slovenia. For months now, she has been working there out of her FIELD STATION – a shiny cube that looks like a minimalist sculpture. This structure is a research station, workspace and sculpture, and transforms the surrounding landscape into an exhibition space. Her cooperative research is devoted to the question of symbioses: botany, cultural anthropology, politics and visual art are systematically interwoven and connections revealed. For the exhibition, the artist draws an over 50-year-old circle of mycorrhizal fungi that grew near her base camp on the border. As a delicate network, the drawing extends into the space beneath her research table and becomes a scientific testimony and a metaphor for the invisibility of symbiotic relationships.

With thanks to Kunstraum Steiermark for making the programme possible on site. In collaboration with the steirischer herbst ‘21 and Hochsommer Art 2021 festivals, open research talks will be held in southern Styria in July and September. Information on www.kunstausgraz.at