Ocean Earth, 1993
Hg. Peter Weibel
Wasserplanung für Europa, 1998
Peter Fend


In 1980, Peter Fend, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin, Richard Prince and Robin Winters founded the ‘Ocean Earth Construction and Development Corporation’ (OECD), generally known as ‘Ocean Earth’. Artists, architects and scientists collaborate in an interdisciplinary approach, with interests that include carbon-free energy production (such as solar and wind energy, energy from ocean circulation, conversion of organic waste, hydrogen) and mariculture facilities for algae production. The book published by Peter Weibel for the Neue Galerie Graz in 1993 provides an insight into Ocean Earth’s wide-ranging activities. Peter Fend is one of its leading figures. He has been involved in ecological issues since the late 1970s, combining conceptual and land art with political activism. His drawing is part of an investigation that bases water planning for Europe and the MENA region on the seas and the Atlantic Ocean.

Loaned by the Neue Galerie Graz