Klimaschutznotverordnung/KliNo (emergency climate protection regulation) 2021, 2020
Wojciech Czaja


The housing and construction sector is responsible for a substan-tial part of the production of greenhouse gases – because of its consumption of resources and energy, the construction process, the operation of buildings, their demolition, soil sealing, mobility caused by urban sprawl and other knock-on effects. Although this is all known, almost nothing happens. Advised by experts, author and journalist Wojciech Czaja wrote the sector-specific part of a hypothetical emergency climate protection regulation in March 2020. Due to the growing climate crisis, the KliNo 2021 would be enacted by the Austrian federal government on 1st April 2021 with similar effect as the COVID-19 measures. A look into a present day that is still the future.

With thanks to Der Standard.