100 Spectres, 2018–2020 (selection from a 110-piece series)
Sarah Bildstein


With the help of the Limnological Institute in Konstanz, Sarah Bildstein analysed water samples from all over the world. She translated these into chromatography, a laboratory method in which substances are broken down into their individual components using filter paper. Bildstein assigned colours to the analytical values that were found (such as nitrate, sulphate, salt, copper, iron, nitrite, sulphite and phosphate), mixed them according to a strictly documented grid with the water of each sample and allowed all of this to react on handmade paper. Water properties become visible during the transfer and create – in comparison – an apparently objective image of the different qualities of water. The Spectres equally represent image analyses, water samples and abstract watercolours. They invoke the value and meaning of water in both a figurative and scientific sense.