Smart wood logistics / PhysICAL, from 2021
Fraunhofer Austria Research, Institute of Logistics Engineering/Graz University of Technology


The ‘Physical Internet’ (PI) is a logistics model for an optimised goods transport system that follows the concept of the internet. Just as digital data packets are moved independently from route and transmission technology, physical goods can also be transported in ‘smart’ containers independently from providers. Systemic coop-eration ensures optimised utilisation and routes while increasing efficiency and sustainability.
One of four Austrian pilot implementations in the PhysICAL lead project is Smart wood logistics, which aims to make the transport of round timber from the Murau/Lungau region to further processing and distribution near Graz more sustainable. Cooperatively used, standardised containers make transport from the forests via the existing railway network of Steiermarkbahn and ÖBB economically competitive. Around one third of the 2500 lorry journeys made every year could be shifted to rail transport in this way.

Project partners: AIT, Steiermarkbahn, A1 digital, Cargo Center Graz, Pro Danube Management
Funding body: FFG Mobilität der Zukunft