Architecture Broadcasting Network, seit 2020
KOEN Institute of Construction and Design Principles / Graz University of Technology
Video, graphics and photos: KOEN


As a social practice, architecture essentially points to a totality of spatial, technological, social and economic developments. The bidi-rectional transfer of knowledge via digital media is a huge challenge, especially in the teaching of design, which focuses on learning spatial thinking, production and representation, as well as collaborative work and discussion. Due to the pandemic, it was required sooner than anticipated. KOEN is developing and evaluating strategies for more opportunity-oriented teaching in ‘blended learning’ between face-to-face and online teaching. The Architecture Broadcasting Network translates the analogue concept of architectural education into the social and built spaces of students and teachers as well as into the digital space. What’s more, it expands the development and reflection of knowledge around the interface between the digital and the lived world.

Project partners: TU Berlin, FH Erfurt
Funded by: Project fund Teaching 2020 of the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs of Graz University of Technology