HEUTE Bibliothek, from 2017


The HEUTE Bibliothek is a collection of books that have the word HEUTE (today) in their titles in order to emphasise their current relevance. The fact that this assertion outstrips itself in the end gives the work an absurd quality. ‘In TODAY there is tomorrow’ is how Eva Pichler and Gerhard Pichler – artists and currently also visual art curators at the Forum Stadtpark in Graz – describe their endeavour to gather these books, which represent both an aspiration to contemporaneity and a desire to be involved in shaping the future. ‘Good art always remains relevant to today and so also relevant to social problem areas of the future.’ As a usable work, the HEUTE Bibliothek is on loan – at Forum Stadtpark it is available from a shelf unit. New books are constantly being added to the collection, together with the duo’s own publication series ‘FORUM KUNST HEUTE’.

Loaned by Forum Stadtpark