Reclaiming Abundance, 2021
Oliver Ressler


This six-part picture story by artist Oliver Ressler imagines a radical way of dealing with the social effects of the climate crisis in the year 2050. In Reclaiming Abundance, global temperatures and the associated disasters have also continued to increase in Styria. Infrastructures based on fossil fuels have had to be abandoned to ensure the development of a CO2-neutral society. An approach that maximises energy self-sufficiency is adopted according to the principles of democratic co-determination and global climate justice. The title of the series refers to the saturated prosperity ascribed to the capitalist present day. The series suggests that general prosperity – i.e. global togetherness in harmony with nature – can only happen after existing social conditions have been dismantled.

With thanks to Verena Tscherner (drone images), estudio elgozo (rendering), Markus Wörgötter (image processing), Juma Hauser (layout).