Cambium, Fehring bei Graz, from 2017
wohnlabor, Verein Leben in Gemeinschaft


Many people dream of living a life close to nature, integrated into a community of solidarity. In Fehring, a group have dared to take this step and are transforming a former barracks with a 16-hectare plot of land into an ecovillage by building it themselves. The project is financed through an asset pool in order to decouple ownership and financing from use and to reduce financial barriers to entry. The common vision is an ethical, solidarity-based, ecological economy in all areas of life. Each resident has a private retreat, while the other rooms are shared – from the living room with library and piano to seminar and co-working areas to the former barracks canteen, where people cook and eat together. In addition to a shop-café, a free-of-charge shop, workshops and rehearsal rooms, the group also runs the ‘Zukunftswirkstatt’, an event centre for social and ecological innovation and (supra-)regional exchange.

Project partners: Vermögenspool, Global Ecovillage Network, Soziokratiezentrum Österreich, Alchemie Nova – Institute for innovative phytochemistry & closed loop processes