Jedes Mal Einzigartig (unique every time), 2012
Severin Hirsch


These five portraits are part of a 20-part series about life in Eisenerz, a mining town marked by change. Severin Hirsch’s sensitive portraits offer an insightful view of the residents of the Münichtal, a former residential estate for workers. The individual features and expressions of these people reflect the general trauma of depopulation. Most of the estate was about to be converted into a holiday resort in 2012 as part of the revitalisation of the town. It had been a lifelong home for many of those portrayed. They were the last few to carry living memories of a once thriving town, and had been asked to make way for the new. At the time these portraits were taken, they were offered a choice of apartments in the centre as an alternative. Hirsch shows the people in their old or new living environment. Unique every time.

With thanks to those portrayed (from left to right): Franz Bahr (2012, lived in Münichtal for 63 years), Erwin Schmautzer (2012, moved to the centre after 45 years in Münichtal), Emma Egger (2012, lived in Münichtal for 61 years), Gertraud Leitner (2012, lived in Münichtal for 51 years, had to move in 2010), Helgard Ledoldis (2012, lived in Münichtal for 56 years.)
A book with interviews and texts by Elisa Rosegger and Severin Hirsch, among others, completes the series and can be found in the exhibition library, Space04.