Windmaschinenfahnen (wind machine banners), 2021
Hannes Priesch in collaboration with Herta Kramer-Priesch

Two banners fly in front of the building, breathed into life by the wind. Created for SHOWING STYRIA and the exhibition what will be, these slashed and beribboned works provide more than just one orientation. As a sign of power or belonging, they are associated both through their title and their dancing motion with the attention-catching wind machines found in front of shopping centres. Multicoloured and decorated with appliqué, they are covered in a multitude of words referring to ‘the future’.

Hannes Priesch has created new insignia for the Kunsthaus, bearing a message of polyphony. Extremely carefully crafted, the wind machine banners appear almost as the guardian figures of a distant future. Diverse and ambiguous, they point the way forward – towards a plurality of futures.