Captured on paper_The End _1100111, 2014
Sonja Gangl


In her series The End, which she began in 1991, Gangl draws on the closing images of film, ‘The End / Ende / Fine / Fin’, and transforms them into the medium of drawing. Through the process of drawing, the artist repeats a transformational principle that is also inherent in every final image of a film in the sense of its transitional position between the narrative of the film and our emergence back into real life. Gangl does not reveal her sources in the captions. The works are simply numbered consecutively using an austere binary system of ones and zeros. In the exhibition, Captured on paper_The End _1100111 forms a start of SHOWING STYRIA and so again marks a transitional position – this time into the exhibition’s narrative about a plurality of futures. The end opens up a beginning.

Loaned by the Neue Galerie Graz