SIGNAL, 2020/2021
Nina Vobruba, Arnold Reichel


This 10-part series was selected and compiled by the artists Arnold Reichel and Nina Vobruba from the chat room ‘Kaserne Willfriede’ of the residential community CAMBIUM - Leben in Gemeinschaft. The photos gather everyday things, seemingly incidental, and refer to experiences on site, but also to internal stories and issues. Reichel and Vobruba, who herself lives between Vienna and the Cambium, give the fast digital image communication a very unique aesthetic presence in its selection, sequencing and interpretation in pigment print on handmade paper. Together with the text, which allows contents to converge via a wordplay generator, they become witnesses in their diversity to the collaborative and communicative large-scale project.

With thanks to everyone who contributed to the project through their conscious and unconscious participation, positive and negative criticism, and who allowed these intimate images to be published.