redesign Eisenerz, Stadtgemeinde Eisenerz, Nussmüller Architekten, SCAN – Agentur für Markt- und Gesellschaftsanalytik, 2006–2021
Municipality of Eisenerz, Nussmüller Architects, SCAN – Agency for Market and Social Analysis
Wassermann, 2016
Leopoldsteinersee, 2016
Bergmann, 2016
Rostfest 2020, 2020
Rostfest 2021, 2021
Eva Koppler


For a long time, the Erzberg mine brought prosperity and growth to Eisenerz. However, from the 1960s on, fewer miners were needed and there was a dramatic exodus from the town. In 2003, instead of simply continuing to manage the decline, the city tackled the challenge head on by introducing the redesign Eisenerz initiative. As a result, residents moved into the revived centre in a socially moderated approach, while renovations, temporary uses and new uses of vacancies were promoted. The ‘Urban Camping’ of the identity-building Rostfest festival and the Alpin Resort are proof of the strategy’s success, as is the Nordic Education Center (NAZ) and the ‘Forschungszentrum am Berg’ research site. Diversification, recognition, culture as a driving force for development and above all a strong local network of actors are the cornerstones of this complex and challenging transformation process, making Eisenerz a testing ground for post-growth society in the best sense.

Project partner and funding body: Land Steiermark