VR-SenseCity – Virtual laboratory for sensory perception, from 2019


Limited sensory function and mobility in old age can lead to a reduction in the quality of life – the VR-SenseCity installation aims to make people aware of various aspects of sensory perception again through virtual mindfulness training. The virtual environment takes the form of a city and focuses on visual and auditory stimuli.

Smell, taste and haptics are recalled through imaginative stimuli. In addition to these imagined sensory experiences there are scenarios related to mindfulness, social encounters and playful fun.
Nine virtual portals can be visited, each representing a sensory experience that tests your awareness: What do I perceive? Which senses are dominant? Do I experience what I see or discover? Do I see and feel more?
VR-SenseCity is the outcome of a project by the Human Factors Laboratory at Joanneum Research.

Project partners: HPL (Health Perception Lab) at FH Joanneum, GEFAS Steiermark (Gesellschaft für aktives Altern und Solidarität der Generationen) Funded by: Zukunftsfonds Steiermark
With thanks to Lucas Paletta and Amir Dini for facilitating the program on site.