*What is the ‘Common Good Balance Sheet’?

Behind the ‘Common Good Balance Sheet’ lies the ‘Economy for the Common Good (ECG)’ – a movement originating in Austria that sees itself as a fundamental critique and practical alternative to capitalist economic activity. The ECG wants to turn capitalism ‘upside down’, i.e. from profit directly to the ‘common good’. What this means is defined in the ‘Common Good Matrix’ on the basis of fundamental values for various fields of action – currently by a voluntary development team, but ideally by a democratically legit-imised economic convention with constitutional status. Drawn up on the basis of this matrix by organisations from all over the world, at the moment the ‘Common Good Balance Sheet’ serves primarily as a tool for organisational development. If the ECG is followed, it should in future mean that the financial balance sheet is of secondary importance – money will return from being an end in itself to again become a means to provide everyone with a good life.
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