About Care, ONLY LIFE (Memories burn like a forest fire. B. Eilish), 2021
Iris Andraschek


The spatial situation here is reminiscent of a bathroom. As you approach, the tiles reveal drawings and words around ‘care’ and ‘being cared for’. Iris Andraschek’s research into the current topic of care work once again focuses on making social participation visible. In interviews with carers from the institutional and private sectors, and with teachers, but also with people in need of care and their relatives, she has explored the theme thoroughly – accounts of intimacy, shame, need and affordability, labour migration and bureaucratic constraints have given rise to an intimate space full of possibilities, visions and wishes. With sensitive differentiation, Andraschek formulates a poignant and urgent call to free the future profession of carer from taboos.

With thanks to the interview partners Dana Bonda, Mirela-Luminita Draghiea, Christoph Kocher, Petra Krall, Wolfgang Leitgeb, Monika Maurer, Liliana Negrila, Birgit Poier, Wolfgang Schwab, Miša Strobl, Maria Wiesinger and the sponsors Eternit Österreich GmbH and Druckerei Lang + Lang, Gesellschaft m.b.H., Leonding.
The installation will be holding three live drawing classes and nude figure painting. All those interested are invited to take part. Information and exact dates are available from the information desk or on www.kunsthausgraz.at