Wild bees, 2021
Drawings: Viktoria Zink
Scientific support: Wido Gunczy


Wild bees – one small aspect of biological diversity. Biodiversity refers to diversity of habitats, diversity of species and genetic diversity. As a crucial pollinator, the honey bee is currently a hot topic. The role of wild bees in the pollination process, however, is still unknown to wide sections of the population. In Austria, more than 700 species in about 40 genera have been described, about 420 species are found in Styria. Viktoria Zink’s drawings show only one species from each of the wild bee genera. The wild bees are representative of a large number of creatures whose existence ensures the survival of us all. Many animal and plant species, some highly endangered, depend on the habitats most threatened by human activities.

With thanks to Gernot Kunz and Karim Strohriegl.