Critical Mass, seit 2007
Critical Mass Graz, Naked Bike Ride, 26.6.2020, 2021
Michael Sladek


‘We are not blocking traffic – we ARE traffic!’ is the motto of the Critical Mass participants who ride through the streets of Graz on the last Friday of every month, colourful and loud, with joy and self-confidence, celebrating the most beautiful form of transport in the world. Founded in 1992 in San Francisco, the movement does not operate by making demands, bans and theories, but instead uses the powerful appeal of shared practice. The act of cycling – ‘coincidentally’ with many others along the same route – serves to raise the question of the fair distribution of public space. Who does it belong to? Who does it privilege? What forms of mobility and its use are best for the common good? In this way, Critical Mass joins the Reclaim the Streets movement and creates a real utopia once a month just by its very existence. In Graz and over 300 other cities across the world

Please do not photograph or film the video.