Bike Citizens Bicycle App, from 2011
Bike Citizens Mobile Solutions GmbH
5MinByBike Bike Citizens route planner function
Heatmaps Cycling in selected cities recorded with the Bike Citizens app
Spoke Cards
Design: Martin Engelbogen


In 2011, two bicycle couriers came up with the idea for a navigation app especially for cyclists. The vision, however, goes far beyond the app, which covers over 500 cities worldwide – cycling means freedom and independence, it represents a healthy lifestyle and cities with better livability. Today, 30 employees in Graz and Berlin are working on many levels to inspire others with their enthusiasm for cycling. Drawing on the knowledge of over 450,000 users, the ‘Bike Citizens Analytics’ tool and GPS cycling data also support cities and planners in continuously improving their cycling infrastructure – in the Province of Styria’s cycling network study, for example. Inside the organisation, Bike Citizens also focuses on people by adopting a four-day week and a team-based, autonomous and community- oriented working day – just like good urban planning.