Stoffwechsel. Infrastruktur. Lebensraum (Metabolism.Infrastructure. Habitat), 2021
Michael Zinganel + Michael Hieslmair


Buildings / construction: Paul Papalecca and Christoph Voglbauer
Graphics: Theresa Hattinger
Narrator: Herbert Gnauer

Cities and the built densities between them are nothing more than fragments of much larger networks of supply and waste disposal. One of these hubs of regional and transnational routes is formed here by a suspended, expansive framework. This abstracted model for the mushrooming logistics and transport infrastructures consists of cubic distribution centres attached to linear transport corridors. The free flow of people and goods and the arbitrary filling of infra-structure, which were considered social utopias around 1960, are now perceived as threats to the environment and sites of social inequality. The spatial framework corresponds with plinths that grow out of the floor. Here, the focus is on social infrastructures, micro-narratives from the living space of logistics, more intimate, private depictions of the mobile actors who are on the move every day to ensure that the city functions.

The project accompanies the investigation Graz Backstage (PERFORMATIVE RESEARCH TRAVELS INTO THE GRAZ LOGISTIC LANDSCAPE), which Hieslmair + Zinganel / Tracing Spaces developed for Graz Kulturjahr 2020.