Shaping Stanz together, from 2016
Municipality of Stanz im Mürztal, SCAN – Agency for Market and Social Analysis, Nussmüller Architects


Stanz is not like any other place. It is situated in the heart of the Mürztal valley, which is experiencing structural change and emigration – and yet this community of 1,848 inhabitants grows by a few inhabitants every year. Together with 21 other European towns, it presents its recipe for success to the EU Commission. Following an election win by a citizens’ initiative, a performative participation project was set up – more than 80 citizens are now actively involved in the transfor-mation process of their village. Working groups have already set up a village workshop, a no-cost shop, a new grocery shop and 20 new apartments in the village centre, the ‘Bankerlexpress’ (car ride system) and an e-taxi, among countless other initiatives. This year will see the introduction of a meeting zone and, as soon as it is legally possible (2021), an energy cooperative will make electricity and heat cheaper and more sustainable. The village of the future could look like Stanz.

Project partners: AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies, Nahwärme Stanz, Lab 10 collective
Funded by Lokale Agenda 21, FFG Energie der Zukunft