The Blue Frog Society – A habitat without territory, 2011
Barbara Holub


The Blue Frog Society is the fictional vision of a future society. Our habitat is no longer shaped by (spatial) property claims, but by communal, non-material values that arise from an open-ended negotiation process and which are based on a broad understanding of commons. The project started from performative city walks undertaken by Holub in 2010, searching for remaining spaces for the unplanned in the Seestadt Aspern area of Vienna. In ‘10 Issues’, the Blue Frog Society proclaims the use of artistic strategies to create spaces for the unplanned and unthought, for the complexities and contradictions that make up heterogeneous urban life today and in the future. With the help of an imaginary new species, the project explores questions of territory and habitat that extend through to the foundations of the current socio-economic system.