Eva & Co. Co-operative feminist culture magazine, published in Graz from 1982 to 1992


Founded by the artists Veronika Dreier, Dorothea Konrad, Silvia Ulrich, Eva Ursprung and Anne Wrulich in Graz, Eva & Co. was the first feminist art and culture magazine in Europe. With the aim of making feminist art visible and exchanging current content, it was an opportunity for women artists and photographers to present and discuss their work. The editorial team organised exhibitions, readings and symposia. From 1986 on, the magazine was published by the association ‘Künstlerinnengemeinschaft Eva & Co’ led by Veronika Dreier and Eva Ursprung. The beautifully produced issues were devoted to themes such as photography, video and media art. Literature had a fixed place in many editions. In 1992, the magazine was discontinued in order to prevent a potential ghettoisation of women’s art. Many of the women artists and activists who were once active in the magazine continue to work in other networks today (e.g. Reni Hofmüller, Doris Jauk-Hinz and Barbara Baur).