Material Library (Steiermark), 2021
Andreas Fogarasi


In his temporary material library, the artist Andreas Fogarasi gathers materials used in current building projects. An open call invited Styrian architects to provide samples of materials. The resulting collection illustrates the built environment of the near future, but in its reduction to the material, removed from the context of the individual building, also goes beyond that – it points to economic, social and cultural inscriptions and attributions. The presentation is based on the historical building material collection at the Natural History Museum in Vienna. It can however also be walked around and makes the reverse sides of the materials visible, so that the working and building processes are highlighted. This offers a view behind the façades of the changes and materialities of built space in which the structures of our society manifest themselves.

Loans by: Architektur Consult, EPPS Architekten, Fiedler.Tornquist Arch+Urb, Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten, Giencke & Company Architects, Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner, GS architects, Hofrichter-Ritter Architekten, Hohensinn Architektur, Hope of Glory, LAM Architektur Studio, Legat Architektur, LOVE architecture and urbanism, Architekt Norbert Müller, Nussmüller Architekten, Atelier Thomas Pucher, Reitmayr Architekten, Riegler Riewe Architekten, Architekturbüro Schlosser + Partner, Stingl-Enge Architekten, Tritthart + Herbst Architekten, Andrea Vattovani Architecture, Studio WG3