Unlearning Classroom, 2017
IZK, Artistic Practice 1, 2017 (lecturer: Daniela Brasil)


To promote critical thinking, in 2017 the students of the Institute for Contemporary Art (Graz University of Technology) focused on the issue of university learning itself. Through the study of seminal radical pedagogy of the 20th/21st century, Unlearning Classroom led students to identify essential places of learning and teaching. They reimagined teaching and learning processes in three collaborative fanzines. The principle of participatory, fluid teaching features in all the issues, with students and teachers exchanging and co-producing knowledge at eye level. The concept of the World as a Classroom emerges, where instead of the controversial ECTS points system of academic achievement, a WTCS, a global collection of study experiences is proposed. Alongside digital learning, they call for hands-on learning: open learning, interdisciplinary, culturally sensitive, immersive and adaptive.

Excerpts from the fanzines: Unlearning Classroom 2017: Students’ paradise
/ The New Architecture School / 1:1 / B.O.O.O. Build On Our Own. With thanks to Daniela Brasil (course leader) and the bachelor students of the Institute of Contemporary Art/Graz University of Technology.