untitled, 2020
A+A = AaA, 2020
Christian Eisenberger


Eisenberger combines classical subjects of art history, ‘vanitas’ motifs that remind us of the ephemerality of existence, with elements from popular culture. The snowman becomes the grim reaper – yet is himself subject to transience. In the second picture at the exhibi-tion, the artist doubles the figure of Pinocchio, whose nose grows whenever he lies. The view in the crystal ball remains uncertain – glorious promises for the future can soon turn out to be a pack of lies. The principle of chance plays an important role in Eisenberger’s painting: ‘My [painting] technique comes from the paint itself ... you just have to let it do its thing ...’ says the artist. The momentum of the paint, its trickling and flowing, plays an essential part in the creation of the picture and is to some extent beyond the artist’s control.