Earth (Three times), 2011/2021
Manfred Erjautz


Three beautiful Earths float as luminous bodies, one behind the other in space. These Earths, which can also be found in a similar form at the LKH Graz (neurology), were elaborately produced at a Czech glass-works. They are made of mouth-blown glass with multiple overlays. When viewed closely, it is clear that they actually only resemble the blue planet as we know it from satellite photos. In reality, their form comes from the production process in the fire. Once again, Manfred Erjautz manages to undermine presumed certainties about the means of the sculptural process. Although a great deal is already possible, we are still a long way off in terms of the ability of the reproduc-tion industry, even beyond the dying craft: while it might in actual fact be possible to depict the Earth, it cannot (yet) be reproduced.