Schule im Aufbruch (School on the Move), from 2012

Schule im Aufbruch is an international initiative in German-speaking countries that advocates holistic and transformative education. It was founded to promote ‘education as the development of potential’. Its focus is not a pedagogical concept, but rather to establish a learning culture that preserves and individually encourages the innate enthu-siasm and creativity of students. The open network allows people to exchange ideas, find inspiration and share their own experiences in order to help transform each learning environment on site. The aim is to support the individual’s development with a sense of community. In Austria, a total of 54 ‘Schools on the Move’ have joined forces.

Schools in Styria: Volksschule Kalkleiten, Graz / Praxisvolksschule KPH Graz / VS Kleinlobming / Volksschule Neudorf bei Passail / Projektschule Graz / Volksschule Weiz / VS Judendorf-Straßengel / Hirtenkloster (VS), Graz / Volksschule Mariagrün, Graz / VS St. Oswald bei Plankenwarth / Neue Musik Mittelschule Mautern

/ KLEX – KlusemannExtern (middle school, Graz) / NMS

2 Feldbach, model classses / KLEX – KlusemannExtern,

(upper school) Graz