Verstehen, Verbünden, Verbreiten (Understand, Connect, Disseminate), Vending machine filled with three different print types, 2019/2021


An old condom vending machine has been refilled by the Graz-based collective RISOGRAD. Three different packages contain a chronology of feminist activities in Austria, a manifesto collection and an activism packet, practising feminist social criticism. The miniature printed works in a condom box format represent self-empowerment and under the slogan UNDERSTAND | CONNECT | DISSEMINATE are an expression of feminist knowledge, solidarity and exchange. The RISOGRAD collective was founded in 2017 and has since been running a print space where, among other things, their open risography workshop is run regularly for anyone interested and future risography enthusiasts. To select a box from the vending machine, insert three one-euro coins with a good push, and then pull out the knob of your choice!

There will be a number of print workshops with the collective and risoprinter as part of the exhibition. Information on www.kunsthausgraz.at