Dürrenstein-Lassingtal wilderness area, 2021


In the biological sense, wilderness is nature largely untouched by humans. In Central Europe, these zones are extremely rare and difficult to access. Austria has a wilderness area that is unique in Central Europe – the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal wilderness area, home to the Rothwald primeval forest. Located on the border between the regions of Lower Austria and Styria, this protected area is widely known and valued among experts. Now it is being extended on the Styrian side by about 3,500 hectares and covers the course of the River Lassing with its steep and rugged south-facing slopes. This means that Styria also has an internationally recognised wilderness area according to the IUCN, so ensuring the continued existence of unique wild natural areas.

Project partner: Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein
With thanks to Christoph Leditznig, Laura Pabst, Reinhard Pekny, Nina Schönemann.