Planning proposals for integrated comprehensive schools, 1970
TEAM A GRAZ (Franz Cziharz, Dietrich Ecker, Herbert Missoni, Jörg Wallmüller) with Helmut Satzinger


50 years ago, a sense of optimism reigned in Austria’s educational landscape. Both educational experts and a significant number of architects introduced proposals and concepts. In the TEAM A GRAZ publication produced following the ‘1st Austrian Comprehensive School Symposium’ in 1970 at Schloss Retzhof, there is a palpable optimism and spirit of reform in the discussions around fundamental reforms in education – including the introduction of comprehensive schools. The Graz architects outline the spatial and organisational foundations for an approach to education that goes beyond frontal teaching. This was implemented at the BG Dreihackengasse high school in Graz from 1971 to 1979. They were far ahead of their time: communication spaces, differentiated and flexible spatial situations, the opening up of the school as a social and cultural venue in the city. The building of schools is viewed here as a transdisciplinary project, the space as an educational tool.

Dank an Gerda Missoni